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How do bodies influence space and how does space influence bodies? This was the starting question of a work that is tries to show that architecture is being used as a tool to control bodies. 


The performance space is constructed, and rebuild by the dancers who are intangled in a power-relation with the space as mediator. 


Choreography: Marlieke Burghouts in collaboration with Sally J. Smithson.

Dancers: Marlieke Burghouts, Sally J. Smithson

Film and Sound: James Wilkie

Video registration: Paul Sixta

Dramaturgy / artistic advice: Kristin de Groot (artistic director Dansateliers)

Coaching: Konstantina Georgelou, Hillary Blake Firestone

Production: Dansateliers / One Night's Dance 2015

Partially realized with a financial contribution by Stichting Verzameling van Wijngaarden-Boot

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