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312 WAYS TO GO ABOUT IT is an interdisciplinary dance performance that challenges the audience in their ability for wandering, questioning and failing. Seated around a table with 312 moving planks the audience is being engaged in a physical, verbal and spatial conversation. In the conversations, bodies and space we search for endless new approaches, relationships and directions. There are no conclusions, only wandering and doubts.

The table is used as an object for rigidity of the taking in of positions, as an object where people come together and an object of which we know the feeling and the shape very well. On this table you can be invited to sit down and take part in the conversation and yet not feel you have a place, “feeling out of place, when being given a place”. (Sarah Ahmed) The table is being used to come into movement with the audience, it is an invitation keep searching, wandering and failing. 312 ways to go about it has an open structure in which the performers and the audience have influence about the development of the performance.

For video of full performance email:

312 ways to go about it is a performance for a mximum of 30 audience members. The first try-outs where performed in the beautiful space of Tempel Amsterdam, a former theosophic tempel. The piece came back in Tempel for performances as part of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2022.

The team: Co-creation: Marlieke Burghouts, Irina Baldini, Manuele Lucia Tessi | Installation design and building: Janine Toussaint | Music: Irina Baldini | Dramaturgy: Diane Elshout | 312 ways to go about it has been made possible with the support of Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds and Moving Arts Project.

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