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Artistic Research

The base of my research started with one question; How do we become? My artistic research is supported by my increasing knowledge and understanding of relevant critical theory. The artistic research is a highly physical investigation into the biological body with desires and the culturally constructed body. I work interdisciplinary with video and sound.


"Identity as understood in the history of Western philosophy since Plato has been constructed on a model that privileges....self-contained unity and solids. What is missing from our culture is an alternative tradition to thinking identity...based on fluidity and flow."

Christine Battersby (1993:34

The body is a blank paper when we are born; throughout our lives society writes on us and shapes us, this forms a culturally inscribed body and thinking. I am interested in understanding how the power- structure are being uphold.

Currentluy I am looking into the body in space. How do bodies effect space and how does space effect bodies? The space can be appraoched as a social and architectural space. Other disciplines are important components in this research. 


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