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Artistic Statement

The body is often being forgotten and we are more respected for what we can produce. Throughout history society has determined how we live, think and treat our bodies, these ideas are difficult to change. I hope that, with my artistic work, I can contribute to creating more respect for the individual body that can be seen as valuable, regardless of ones individual’s sex, gender or identity.


Dance is created through the experiences of the body and presented visually to an audience. The performance can be experienced physically and sensorial. I place the audience on the same floor as the dancers move on to create closer relations between performer and spectator.


I collaborate with artists from other art disciplines to create performances that are dynamic and visually and orally stimulating. The body will always be at the center of the work, but placed in a stimulating space. I place the body within a space that influences the body and vice versa. I am researching the effect on body and space through interdisciplinary collaborations. 

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