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Each body is unique.


My teaching has a basis in the Simonson teaching technique, which implies that I focus on the individual’s alignment physical capabilities, and health. Taking the Simonson technique as a basis means that I start the class with a ten minutes series of standing warming up exercises that focuses on alignment. Throughout the class I remind the students to be aware of their own movement patterns to work on optimizing their physical cpossibilities. 


I approach each the class as an opportunity for me and the students to learn from each other. Improvisation is important in my classes, it allows the students to research technical ideas in their own tempo and to literally move away from the movements they “know” and start taking risks. I am developing improvisation exercises which focus on the internal working of the body to create strong and dynamic bodies which are able to be highly expressive. 


In my classes, I research the action-reaction in the body by looking at how the shoulder blades or the hips can create full body movement and how then the rest of the body responds. Because the body needs opposite directions to be strong and balanced, I use counterweights to move low, to and on the floor.


I increasingly try to find a balance between standing- and floorwork exercises, connecting them through a common technical and anatomical research. 


This summer I will be diving in the Countertechnique through the intensive Course One Body One Career. I look forward to rewriting this text after the summer. New ideas and new knowledge coming up. 

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